Friday, April 20, 2012

My Job

I asked myself today, seriously for the hundredth time, why do I still work at this job? Today, I thought about it at great length and I couldn't think of a single good reason. I like my job, I like the people, I minister to people at my job when the opportunity arises. None of those are "good" reasons, though. I don't have fun anymore at my job, I feel like I could accomplish so much more, if I were to go full time in the ministry. I stay sick, I think because I don't want to be at my job. So, why am I still there? I can't answer the question. I'm not a man that has stayed long at many jobs in my life. Longest besides this job is about three years. Why? In almost every case...because I got bored with the job. After I learned as much as I could, I would get bored, plain and simple. With this job, I never get bored. There are days when it seems tedious, but never boring. I love the people I work with, or at least most of them. But I am getting away from my point. Let me answer the other side of the question: What would I do if I left my job? My desire is to go to a Seminary school or some type of immersed study of God's Word. My desire is to preach the Gospel. God has called me to preach and to be a Minister and Pastor. I am looking for that opportunity, even now. Tomorrow I return to my job after vacation and I am not looking forward to it. I am already thinking of all the things that I am going to have to catch up on and get done in the next two days. God will bring me through and bring me to the place He wants me to be. I just have to trust in Him and have patience. But, I can't wait to serve God full time, I am so looking forward to those days. Someone once told me, "Do what you love and it will never be work." I can't wait to find out.

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